Welcome to the Christian University Chaplaincy

Bild eines ausländischen Studenten und einer einheimischen Studentin

The Lutheran and Catholic University Chaplaincy in Heilbronn is a meeting point for all students, teachers and employees of all universities in the city. We offer pastoral care and support, hospitality and community and a space for all your questions and uncertainties.

Everyone is welcome!

Origin, language, culture, skin colour and religion are of no relevance.

You can come to meet us whenever you feel like talking, you need some support or you are searching for other people questioning about the meaning of life.


Important to know:

Although most activities are planned in German, of course you're always very welcome to join! Whenever possible we just carry on the conversation in English. So please don't hesitate!

Exam Blessing

  • before starting your exams have a small break from studying
  • get calm and get blessed for the exams

on Wednesday, June 26th
at 7 pm

in the Room of Silence (T.1.32) on Bildungscampus


I'm here for you!

Please note:

On Wednesday, June 19th the consultation hours at both Campus cannot take place. Just reach me via e-mail or mobile when you need support!

I am here for you - no matter what bothers you!

During semester time you can just come and meet me during my consultation hours:

on Bildungscampus in room T.1.33:
Wednesdays 10 am to 12 noon

on Campus Sontheim in room A114:

Wednesdays 3 to 5 pm

While exams are taking place and during semester break  please make sure to contact me beforehand and make an appointment!

Also if you need an other day or time, just contact me by phone or mobile phone. We can then agree about where and when we'll meet.

If you need any help or support please feel free to contact!

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