Welcome to the Christian University Chaplaincy

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The Lutheran and Catholic University Chaplaincy in Heilbronn is a meeting point for all students, teachers and employees of all universities in the city. We offer pastoral care and support, hospitality and community and a space for all your questions and uncertainties.

Everyone is welcome!

Origin, language, culture, skin colour and religion are of no relevance.

You can come to meet us whenever you feel like talking, you need some support or you are searching for other people questioning about the meaning of life.


Please note:
During exam period and semester break (at Heilbronn University) there are no activities organized by Church at Campus.

We wish you all the best for the upcoming exams! The bless of God may be with you!


Consultation hours during semester break

Please note that during exam period and semester break at Heilbronn University (20th of January until 13th of March 2020) our consultation hours will only take place due to prior appointment! Please contact us by e-mail previously.

Meditation Room at Bildungscampus

In room T.1.32 at Bildungscampus you can find a space to calm down and relax, to pray and meditate and to just get a short break of the daily issues. For more comfort there are carpeted floor and sitting bags, so please take of your shoes an put them in the shelfs at the entrance.

The room will be open for everyone at Bildungscampus every day during opening hours of the building. Please keep in mind to treat everyone with respect!

Please make sure to leave the curtain and the doors open when you leave the room!

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