Counseling and Pastoral Care

just talk to someone

gather your thoughts and clear your mind

get rid of whatever stresses you


We are here for you and we pay attention, no matter what’s your issue!

We offer counseling and supervision …

 … when you need help with organizing your studies or managing the pressure or when you got exam nerves.

 … in difficult situations, trouble and dilemmas like financial problems, pregnancy and more.

 … when you have questions, uncertainties, worries or when you are in mourning.


Good to know:

- We have time for you and we listen to what you tell us.

- Every conversation is private and confidential. Without your permission we cannot tell anyone that you talked to us or what you told us!

- You can decide whatever is good for you – we are here for one single conversation but we can also offer regular attendance.

- If – at some point – we don’t know what to do, then we can tell you about other or better possibilities of support.


You’re invited to just drop in at our office or to make an appointment beforehand!

During lecture period we offer frequent consultation-hours in our office at Campus Sontheim at Heilbronn University. You can just drop in during these hours. You’ll find the times below our fotos.

With the danger of Corona virus still around, we prefer prior appointment for counselling. So if you wish to talk to us please contact us by mail or phone. Then we can agree about time and place to meet!

Our contact data you’ll find here.

If necessary Cornelia Reus is also able to come to Schwäbisch Hall or Künzelsau.

At the Reinhold-Würth-University in Künzelsau there is also Pastor Sabine Focken working as Chaplain and Advisor. More information about her and what she offers you can find here.

Hochschulseelsorgerin und Pastoralreferentin Cornelia Reus - Evangelische und Katholische HochschulGemeinde Heilbronn

Cornelia Reus

Wednesdays  10 am - 12 noon at Bildungscampus

Wednesdays  4 pm - 6 pm at Campus Sontheim

Fridays 9 am - 12 noon at Campus Sontheim

Hochschulseelsorgerin und Pfarrerin Christine Marschall - Evangelische und Katholische HochschulGemeinde Heilbronn

Gunhild Riemenschneider

Wednesdays 2 pm - 4 pm at Bildungscampus

other days or times with prior appointment

at Bildungscampus or Campus Sontheim