Other opportunities and events

Information for NON-EU-Students

The leader of the Aliens Department of Heilbronn comes to inform about following issues and to answer all your questions:

Visa, Change of study subject, electronic residence permit (eAT), jobs during your studies, working in Germany after finishing your studies, …

on Wednesday, May 9th 2019

at 5.30 pm

at Campus Sontheim

Evangelischer Kirchentag Dortmund

2500 events within five days

100,000 full-time visitors

30,000 active contributors

This is the German Protestant Kirchentag. But Kirchentag means more than a set of statistics.

From 19th until 23rd of June the 37th German Protestant Kirchentag will take place in Dortmund. For personal reasons we’re not able to offer a community journey this year. But you can either inscribe through „Evangelisches Jugendwerk des Bezirks Heilbronn“ or directly on the webpage of Kirchentag.

All information can be found here.

If you would like to travel together as a Chaplaincy group, just contact us and give us your data so we can connect you!

STUBE Baden-Württemberg

STUBE is a short form for the German word “Studienbegleitprogramm” for students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe in Baden-Württemberg! Are you keen on meeting people from across the globe and acquire further political education? Are you keen on sharing your ideas and experience and have fun at the same time? Are you keen on getting involved and building a better world?

Then STUBE-BW is the place for you!!

More information can be found at their webpage.

Days in a monastery

Many monasteries and religious congregations offer to stay, live and pray with them for a few days or weeks. The opportunity is to find some days of silence far from daily life. At a monastery you have fixed times for food, for worship and prayers, for supporting conversation and especially a lot of time for yourself.

It is a place to get in contact with your soul and your faith, but it’s also good for example to prepare some difficult exams.

If you’re interested we’re happy to provide advice about what is possible and what could suit you.

Just contact us!