Welcome to the Christian University Chaplaincy

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The Lutheran and Catholic University Chaplaincy in Heilbronn is a meeting point for all students, teachers and employees of all universities in the city. We offer pastoral care and support, hospitality and community and a space for all your questions and uncertainties.

Everyone is welcome!

Origin, language, culture, skin colour and religion are of no relevance.

You can come to meet us whenever you feel like talking, you need some support or you are searching for other people questioning about the meaning of life.


Consultation hours during Corona crisis

We are here for you - no matter what bothers you!

Please note that during the Corona crisis we have to follow the demand to reduce social contacts and also follow the rules of Heilbronn University so we can only offer consultation hours due to prior appointment!

Please contact us by e-mail or mobile phone. We can then agree about where and when we'll meet. Personal meetings are not possible during Shutdown in Germany (starting 16th of December 2020). But we'll find a way to meet on the phone or via video conference tool.

If you need any help or support please feel free to contact us!

Wanna make new friends?

We connect you to one or more persons with matching attentions. Together you could cook, be creative, just talk, go for a walk or whatever you'd like to do.

If you're interested just let us know by e-mail or instagram and give us some details about what you're searching for.

Using this it'll be super easy to get to know new people and find new friends - although the actual situation.

Stay healthy & stay connected!

Team of students

Starting the summer semester 2021 there is a small group of students supporting and promoting our work. They are planning and conducting activities as well as supporting especially social media. And of course all of them are there for your issues!

You can learn more about them here.


Exam blessing

Before starting your exams of summer semester you're invited to have a small break from studying, get calm and get blessed for your  upcoming exams.

on Wednesday, June 30th

at 7 pm

in Nikolaikirche Heilbronn

After the celebration there will be time to stay, talk or maybe have icecream together.

Activities planned for the summer semester

Worship celebration at semester start

Starting the new and still digital summer semester it seems a good idea to pause for a moment. With this digital worship celebration we want to thank God that he's always keeping us and to get blessed for the upcoming semester.

Check the video (in German) and have a blessed start into the new semester:

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